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Frederique Continuous has long been recognized for making quality timepieces at acceptable costs. Now the model is moving into the large leagues that has a confined version tourbillon by using a technically-advanced manufacture movement along with a grand feu enamel dial within a rose gold situation, priced at less than you could possibly assume. Come across comprehensive specs, wallpaper and pricing within.
Enameling is really an ancient approach the place finely powdered colored glass is placed on a steel plate. The metallic plate while using the glass powder is then baked in an oven hot sufficient to soften the glass. This enameling course of action generates a lovely deep, shiny area. Only few of your plates will endure the 900+ degree Celsius hearth and develop a good surface area. The slightest imperfection within the mixed powder or even the supporting metal plate, or even a speck of dust will ruin the dial. That is why nowadays, legitimate enamel dials are created by just a handful of businesses.
Beneath the finely-crafted dial lies the Caliber FC-980 one-minute tourbillon. Determined by its Heart Beat manufacture caliber, Frederique Regular made its tourbillon in-house with some exclusive characteristics:
- Silicium (or Silicon) escape wheel and lever
- Intelligent Body weight Balancing system
- Rapid oscillation - 28'800 vph
Silicium (or Silicon) Escape Wheel
The Silicium escape wheel and lever contain the adhering to a few key strengths:
one. The escapement runs with out want for lubrication, preventing issues brought on by age-related thinning and drying of oil replica ronde solo de cartier watch , and there's no risk of lubrication spreading to other sections of your movement.
2. The escape wheel is rather gentle, and so features very low inertia. As it is accelerated and stopped at every tick and tock of your watch, it operates with increased efficiency.
3. Reduce friction cuts down loss of vitality, therefore the caliber's strength demands are reduce.
Presented these pros, the Frederique Consistent escape wheel has an amplitude of in excess of three hundred degrees in dial-up and dial-down positions. Even inside the crown-down place, the amplitude is around 275 degrees, and that is superb performance.
Wise Weight Balancing
The Frederique Consistent tourbillon cage consists of eighty individual elements. Each and every aspect is generated to some tolerance of 1-2 micron, or .001 to .002 mm. Numerous of your components are produced on Frederique Constant's ultra-precise CNC machines in Plan-les-Ouates. These custom-made CNC equipment possess a tolerance of one micron on the X and Y axes and a pair of microns about the Z axis. In spite of this level of precision, it is not possible to realize correctly equal distribution of pounds inside the particular person pieces, however for your tourbillon to operate correctly, an equal distribution of fat is important. Frederique Constant solved this issue with its patented Clever Screw system on the outer edge on the tourbillon cage. At first, the cage is built with a slight over-weight opposite the Intelligent Screw method on the major cage wheel. Thereafter, a talented watchmaker balances the load in to the center on the tourbillon cage by incorporating or exchanging little metal rings underneath the two screws around the major cage wheel. Normally, eight hrs are needed for the watchmaker to regulate the little rings and balance the burden flawlessly with the complete tourbillon cage.
Fast Oscillation
The Frederique Regular tourbillon operates at 4 Hertz or 28, 800 vph. Most competing tourbillons operate at three Hertz. The upper price allows better timekeeping precision. The upper oscillation also helps make the caliber much less susceptible to gyration effects.
The Frederique Frequent Manufacture Tourbillon Grand Feu is going to be developed in a very minimal version of 188 parts, replicas tag heuer watches, rolex 24 daytona watches priced at $46, replica mens hublot watches five hundred inside the U.S. The version variety of every bit is engraved on the two the tourbillon top plate and the circumstance.
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